Evolocumab / PCSK9 TDM Assay

Evolocumab / PCSK9 BioTeZ established novel therapeutic drug monitoring assay for Evolocumab and PCSK9 and initiated clinical study more ...

Ergot alkaloids

Ergot alkaloids are complex molecule with a wide range of harmful biological activities. The new BioTeZ Ergot Alkaloids clean-up columns help to detect and quantify the mycotoxins in crops more ...

LC-MS/MS dilute & shoot vs. IAC-LC-MS/MS

Mass spectrometry: LC-MS/MS dilute and shoot vs. IAC-LC-MS/MS more...EN, DE

Preeclampsia Diagnostics

Preeclampsia is a serious disorder of human pregnancy with the risk of a premature birth and life-threatening blood pressure of the mother. HUDSON Institute, Australia established assay for early detection of preeclampsia more…ENDE

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring: anti-TNF-Alpha with theumatoid arthritis

New methods in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (therapy monitoring by recoveryELISA: TNF-alpha-Inhibitor Adalimumab) Study results are published in the Journal „Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology“. More EN, mehrDE

Successful Collaborating

BioTeZ and the German Heart Institute Berlin developed a unique and reliable RNA-Binding Motif Protein 3 (RBM3) diagnostics tool box more ...

Companion Diagnostik Parkinson

New: 2016 Launch research project companion diagnostic Parkinson more….

Meet BioTeZ at MEDICA 2018, 12-15 November

Meet BioTeZ at MEDICA 2018 (12 – 15 Nov.)  and discuss themes in the field of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, biochemistry components, affinity chromatography, human proteases, immobilization Technologies, upcoming research projects and more.

New: Monoclonal antibodies and biosimilars to fight diseases

Well tailored diagnostics recoveryELISA® to support drug development! Core of the diagnostics is the therapeutic antibody or biosimilar itself. The unique technology of recoveryELISA® enables to monitor simultaneous the full drug target interaction. more ...


Polystreptavidin R Coating Kit to functionalise surfaces, microfluidic Systems or Beads more ...

New Diagnostics

Infliximab Activity ELISA more…

New Diagnostics

Adalimumab Activity ELISA more...

New at BioTeZ

human proteases, ELISA protein assays and antibodies incl. the former Proteaimmun GmbH products and Services more ...

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Catalogue BioTeZ 2017
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BioTeZ GmbH

Die BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH ist ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen und wurde 1992 gegründet. BioTeZ ist Partner der Forschung, der Pharmaindustrie und der Labordiagnostik.

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MedicaMeet BioTeZ at MEDICA, 12-15 Nov. 2018, Düsseldorf, hall 3, booth G54. 

10th Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis (1./2. November 2018), Potsdam; 
Dr. Janko Brand will give insights in the development projects: recoveryELISA Alirocumab, Evolocumab and PCSK9

SWISS BIOTECH DAY 2018 (3 May 2018, Basel)   Swiss_Biotech_Day
Get Information about diagnostics and biotechnological services we offer: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Mycotoxin and Vitamin Analysis, Individual Conjugates, ELISA Development, Oligonucleotides, Human Proteases Research, Streptavidin Coatings, Immobilization Technologies; BioTeZ will summarize outcomes of therapeutic drug monitoring studies with Omalizumab/IgE, Adalimumab/TNF and provide insights into Alirocumab, Evolocumab/PCSK9 recoveryELISA Projects.

Deutsche Biotechnologietage We present at Deutsche Biotechnologietage 18-19 April 2018