The chemical synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides (DNA Primers) has a long tradition at BioTeZ. For 25 years, we are dealing with technology to synthesize DNA sequences. As a research-intensive company, we have a fine grasp on our client’s requirements concerning oligos / primer in order to make experiments and applications successful and efficient.

Many satisfied customers rely on our oligos and use them for a broad spectrum of different applications.

Quick and easy ordering of Primers / Oligonucleotides

Whether order or quote request, just send us an email to

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You are welcome to use our order form or to write the details (number of bases, synthesis scale, labels, purification, etc.) directly into the email

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Cursory overview about our services in this field:

  • DNA Primers / Oligonucleotides (unmodified and modified, Wobble etc.)
  • Synthesis of Primers in microplates
  • RNA Primers / Oligonucleotides
  • siRNA-Oligonucleotides
  • Chimere Oligonucleotides
  • 5‘- and 3‘-modificated RNA-Oligonucleotides

BioTeZ service DNA Oligonucleotides /Primers contains:
  • Synthesis of unmodified DNA-oligonucleotides
  • Synthesis of Backbone modified oligonucleotides (Phosphorothioate, 2’-O-Methyl)
  • Synthesis of Wobbles, Insertion of dI, dU, 5-Me-dC et al.
  • Synthesis of a variety of modified oligonucleotides (single- and double-tagged)
  • Standard purification via desalination (Sephadex G25)
  • Optional purification via RP-cartridge and RP-HPLC

We are providing the following labels on 5’ and/or 3’ end:

Aminohexyl, biotin, digoxigenin, phosphate, FITC, TRITC, rhodamine, 6-Fam, Hex, Tet, Tamra, Rox, Joe, Cy5, Cy3, BHQ1, BHQ2, BHQ3, Dabcyl DNP, Europium. If the desired label is not listed, please contact our oligo-team. We can make almost anything whether the corresponding components are available.

We have experience in synthesis of long oligonucleotides up to a length of 150 bases. Oligos / Primers with more bases requires special arrangement.

All oligos / primers will be lyophilized or if required in solution and shipped without extra charge. Express delivery is also possible.

Based on a 20-mer, you can expect the following delivered quantities:
  10 nmol 40 nmol 0,2 µmol 1,0 µmol
Desalted  8-10 O.D. 12-15 O.D. 25-30 O.D. 80-100 O.D.
After RP cartridge
or RP-HPLC purification
2-3 O.D. 6-8 O.D. 10-15 O.D. 50-60 O.D.

Feel free to ask for a priority processing time.

Processing time (work days) plus shipping time:
  • 1 day for unmodified oligos (if ordered before 12 a.m.)
  • 2-3 days for oligos HPLC-purified
  • 3-5 days for oligos labeled and HPLC-purified

If an order is very urgent, please contact the Oligo-Team.

For orders regarding

  • Synthesis of Primers in microplates
  • RNA-Oligonucleotides
  • siRNA-Oligonucleotides
  • Chimeric Oligonucleotides

customizes quotes are approved. This includes synthesis scale, delivery quantities, lead time and other conditions. Just send us an email with your requirements and we come back to you promptly.

Ordering DNA Primers / Oligonucleotides

For oligonucleotides ordering or enquiries, you can use the order form on this website or just send your order / enquiry by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Download Exel Formular

Convince yourself of our oligo’s quality and our service.

If you like to have support for designing Primers, please send us an email, Dr. Anja Talke will offer her support.

BioTeZ GmbH

Die BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH ist ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen und wurde 1992 gegründet. BioTeZ ist Partner der Forschung, der Pharmaindustrie und der Labordiagnostik.

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  • Oligonukleotide
  • Markierte Biomoleküle


BioTeZ Berlin Buch GmbH
Robert-Rössle-Strasse 10, Haus D 72
13125 Berlin - Germany

Tel: +49 30-9489-2130
Fax: +49 30-9494-509


MedicaMeet BioTeZ at MEDICA, 12-15 Nov. 2018, Düsseldorf, hall 3, booth G54. 

10th Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis (1./2. November 2018), Potsdam; 
Dr. Janko Brand will give insights in the development projects: recoveryELISA Alirocumab, Evolocumab and PCSK9

SWISS BIOTECH DAY 2018 (3 May 2018, Basel)   Swiss_Biotech_Day
Get Information about diagnostics and biotechnological services we offer: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Mycotoxin and Vitamin Analysis, Individual Conjugates, ELISA Development, Oligonucleotides, Human Proteases Research, Streptavidin Coatings, Immobilization Technologies; BioTeZ will summarize outcomes of therapeutic drug monitoring studies with Omalizumab/IgE, Adalimumab/TNF and provide insights into Alirocumab, Evolocumab/PCSK9 recoveryELISA Projects.

Deutsche Biotechnologietage We present at Deutsche Biotechnologietage 18-19 April 2018

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