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13125 Berlin - Germany
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General Manager: Dr. Pavel Strohner, Uwe Ahnert
Scientific Board: Dr. Gottfried Herrmann

Commercial Register Number:
AG Charlottenburg HRB 45 531

VAT-No: DE 153 664 206

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Data protection:

The safety of your data, such as your address, telephone number or e-mail, and the confidential use of your personal information is important to us. Accordingly, we carry out our web activities in accordance with the regulations on data protection and data security. We do not collect any personal information about you via our website without your express permission. Whether you furnish us with personal details in the context of a registration, order or similar is solely your decision. We shall use, store, or process these data only so far as you, the Federal Data Protection Act and/or supplementary legal regulations allow us to do so.

References to handling with our products

Please note below referrings:

Our products are exclusively intended for analytic purposes or animal experimental investigations in the research. The products listed are laboratory reagents and are for laboratory use only.

They may not be used at humans, neither as Therapeutika or diagnostic means nor as additive in the foodstuffs industry, since they are for it neither examined nor intended. They are not to be administered to humans or used for any drug purpose.

Our preparations can contain dangerous working materials. To us the well-known dangers we refer on the labels of the packings and/or in the enclosing notes.

The absence of such a danger reference with the individual products entitled however not automatically to the conclusion that it concerns harmless preparations.

BioTeZ rejects the responsibility for injury or damage, which is caused under ignoring the guidelines by the customer. Handling our products should be reserved trained personnel. These products are to be used only by qualified individuals with research experience.


1. General:
Our terms of delivery and contract are a component of all offers and contracts over the supply of the products and services. Deviating agreements require our written confirmation.

2. Offer and conclusion of a contract:
Our offers are not-binding and noncommittal.

3. Prices:
To accounting our current apply, by day for the distribution of the commodity valid catalog of prices and/or the prices agreed upon in current offers.

4. Dispatch and supply:
The dispatch effected with lyophisisierten products at expense of the contractor. Up to a commodity value of 250,00 € we compute you in the case of cooling transportation the resulting costs. Starting from a commodity value of 250,00 € and for the citizen of Berlin area takes place the dispatch freight-free. If the client does not give special data concerning the dispatch, we decide on an appropriate mode of shipment. The dispatch takes place uninsured and on danger of the orderer. The danger turns into on the client, as soon as the commodity the carrier, carrier or other for the execution persons intended is handed over to dispatching. A transport insurance is locked only on express desire and at expense of the client. The supply takes place as fast as possible after order.

5. Terms of payment:
The calculation is considered as recognized, if within 10 days starting from invoice date contradiction is not inserted in writing. The time fixed for payment runs starting from invoice date and amounts to 30 days without departure and/or separately is net agreed upon. A discount payment is not granted. If the agreed upon time fixed for payment is exceeded, we are entitled to compute the client starting from due date interests. Reminding and introduction costs go debited to the client.

6. Retention of title:
Supplied commodity is up to the complete payment of the purchase price our unrestricted property. During the duration of the retention of title the client carries the responsibility for the adherence to the camp regulations.

7. Objections:
Notices of defect must be made in writing valid within 14 days. If lack are to be already determined at the damage of the packing, with the verkehrstraeger with the acceptance the damage is to be indicated to the commodity. With entitled notices of defect we have the right of the replacement. A return of complained of commodity is permissible only with our serious agreement.

8. Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction:
Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction are Berlin

Technical Support

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BioTeZ GmbH

Die BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH ist ein Biotechnologie-Unternehmen und wurde 1992 gegründet. BioTeZ ist Partner der Forschung, der Pharmaindustrie und der Labordiagnostik.

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  • Oligonukleotide
  • Markierte Biomoleküle


BioTeZ Berlin Buch GmbH
Robert-Rössle-Strasse 10, Haus D 72
13125 Berlin - Germany

Tel: +49 30-9489-2130
Fax: +49 30-9494-509


MedicaMeet BioTeZ at MEDICA, 12-15 Nov. 2018, Düsseldorf, hall 3, booth G54. 

10th Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis (1./2. November 2018), Potsdam; 
Dr. Janko Brand will give insights in the development projects: recoveryELISA Alirocumab, Evolocumab and PCSK9

SWISS BIOTECH DAY 2018 (3 May 2018, Basel)   Swiss_Biotech_Day
Get Information about diagnostics and biotechnological services we offer: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Mycotoxin and Vitamin Analysis, Individual Conjugates, ELISA Development, Oligonucleotides, Human Proteases Research, Streptavidin Coatings, Immobilization Technologies; BioTeZ will summarize outcomes of therapeutic drug monitoring studies with Omalizumab/IgE, Adalimumab/TNF and provide insights into Alirocumab, Evolocumab/PCSK9 recoveryELISA Projects.

Deutsche Biotechnologietage We present at Deutsche Biotechnologietage 18-19 April 2018